Facebook has created a timeline. It is to provide your readers a summary of  your activities over a period of time .

Click here to know more on Facebook Timeline.

At the Facebook Timeline page you can insert a Banner or Header at the top

You can see an example below


Alwinchuah4b1 Facebook Timeline Banner /Header

You can see a live sample at http://www.facebook.com/AlwinChuah

If you like to have a similar banner / Header for your Facebook Timeline, I am providing a service in creating this banner / header. You can place your order here at Fiverr.

If you want to see some sample background, you can see it at http://www.globalblogincome.com/timeline-banner-service/

AlwinStraight1 Facebook Timeline Banner /Headerwpml mail Facebook Timeline Banner /Header

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ab3banner468x60 Facebook Timeline Banner /Header


pixel Facebook Timeline Banner /Header
pf button both Facebook Timeline Banner /Header

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